How is the amount of a scholarship determined? What is the maximum scholarship a student can receive?

In order to qualify for a scholarship, a student’s family will have to provide official documentation of their household income. • For students whose household income is less than 185% the Federal Poverty Level, the scholarship will be 100% of tuition and necessary fees, or equal to the statewide average operating expense per pupil, whichever

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Who is eligible to receive a scholarship?

K-12 students from families with limited financial resources, up to 300 percent of the federal poverty level (or up to 400% for students that received a scholarship in a prior year), are eligible to receive a Tax Credit Scholarship. From January to April, priority will be given to students from each of the following categories:

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What is a Scholarship Granting Organization?

A Scholarship Granting Organization (SGO) is an independent 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose primary aim is to give scholarships to students. Among SGO responsibilities are: • Receiving donations from individuals and corporations; • Receiving and processing scholarship applications from students/families; and • Distributing scholarships to eligible students/families in accordance with the law. • Determining whether students

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Is there a program cap? If so, what is it?

Yes. The program is capped at $75 million in state tax credits per year. This means that in order for the $75 million cap to be hit, $100 million will have to be donated. A maximum of $100 million in scholarships will be awarded through this program annually to students throughout Illinois.

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