Can donations be directed to a school that is not recognized by the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE)?

Donations can be directed to schools that are recognized or in the process of being recognized by ISBE. However, only schools recognized by ISBE are eligible to receive donations to be used for scholarships under the Invest in Kids Act. Schools in the process of being recognized by ISBE are marked with “PENDING RECOGNITION” on

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Can one donate marketable securities such as stocks and bonds, and is there any advantage in doing so?

Both Big Shoulders Fund and Empower Illinois accept marketable securities as STC donations. The securities are converted by the SGO into cash. If the liquidated value does not cover the amount of the tax credit reservation, donors can make up the difference by making an additional payment. If the liquidated value exceeds the amount of

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How do I choose the region for my donation?

There are 5 regions. When reserving your tax credit on the Illinois Department of Revenue website, it is important that you choose the region in which your designee(s) are located, not the region of your home address. All schools in our network are in Region 1 (Cook County), with the exception of TABG, which is

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Can a taxpayer make a tax-credited contribution to a Scholarship Granting Organization from a donor advised fund?

No. A donor advised fund is a charitable giving vehicle administered by a public charity created to manage charitable donations on behalf of organizations or individuals. Payments to Scholarship Granting Organizations are not treated as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes and therefore payments from a donor advised fund do not qualify for the

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