Agudath Israel of Illinois

Serving as the voice and arm of the Orthodox Jewish community, Agudath Israel of Illinois provides an array of social, educational, and community services, including government advocacy. Following more than a decade of advocating for a tax credit scholarship program in Illinois, in 2017, Agudath Israel played a critical role in the crafting and passage of the Invest in Kids Act, otherwise known as “STC” (Scholarship Tax Credit program). Agudah has also played a significant role in the program’s implementation, assisting families with applying for scholarships, providing critical support to schools, and guiding donors through the process.    

Since the program launched in 2018, Agudah has facilitated over $40 million in STC donations that fund students attending Orthodox Jewish schools, which has translated into nearly 4,000 scholarships.      

Agudath Israel has partnered with Big Shoulders Fund and Empower Illinois, which are organizations that provide low-income and working-class families the opportunity to explore new, quality K-12 educational options through private school scholarships.