What is STC and why is it relevant to me?  

Do you care about Jewish education? Do you think the financial burden of tuition is a problem? Do you earn any income? Do you care where your tax dollars go?

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At first it seemed complex but now the process takes just a few minutes. It’s amazing that I can turn a liability into an invaluable asset. I even tell my clients that it’s a great deal!
Dr. Irving Birnbaum, Financial Planner

I lost my job last year and my life was in turmoil as I was plunged into financial ruin. STC was a lifeline, enabling me to keep my children at a school where they are thriving. While we are going through a challenging period, this has been our one anchor of stability.

The best part of my job is calling parents to inform them they’ve been awarded STC scholarships and their tuition is covered. The reactions are very emotional, full of gratitude and relief, sometimes even crying.
Rabbi Sammy Joseph, STC Coordinator at JDBY-YTT